Front Page Server Extensions

Microsoft FrontPage makes creating professional-quality Web sites effortless with powerful new functionality, support for the latest Web technologies, and great integration with Microsoft Office. It's never been easier to develop and maintain your own professional Web sites!

The latest Web technologies are at your fingertips. Drop WebBot; components onto your pages to add such advanced functionality as full-text searching and forms. Customize your Web sites with JavaScript; and Microsoft Visual Basic® Scripting Edition, using an intuitive user interface. Or easily connect to databases or add ActiveX™ controls, Java; applets, and Netscape; plug-ins for interactive, compelling Web pages.

To use the server extensions, an Advanced or higher account is required, as well as a Virtual Domain. However, there is no additional charge for having FrontPage enabled for your account.

Our FrontPage configuration has these features:


Suppport Directly from Microsoft

Additional links can be found at the Incredible Frontpage Links Site

Note: Futureedge does not directly support anything on the client side of Frontpage, we request that you seek help from the many resources that are available on the Internet for client side help. We will however support any functions that are a directly related to the server configuration, or the server side Frontpage extensions themselves. Also users other than yourself are not allowed access to your site for modifications via password protected sub webs as this violates the acceptable use policy regarding your account security. If your customers need to access their sites for changes, you will need to set them up in their own advanced or higher account.

If you do not have these enabled on your account and would like to, simply order the Free Add On. We will place the server side files within your directory and perform all necessary configuration for you.


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